Behind every great visionary, there is an even greater tribe.

Brittney Kelley | Founder/Designer/CEO

Brittney founded Tribe Kelley with her husband, Brian Kelley, in 2014. The two worked on blueprints for months and opened up their online store on December 16, 2014 on their one year wedding anniversary. She began creating jewelry and customizing clothing when she attended the University of Georgia, selling her product through Etsy. After graduating and marrying Brian in 2013, she began laying the foundation for the brand while traveling on tour with her husband. She is involved in every detail in the brand and decision made within the company.

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Brian Kelley | Founder/Designer

Brian founded Tribe Kelley with his wife, Brittney Kelley, in 2014. The two had the dream of owning their own brand and it came to life riding in their bus while on tour with his band Florida Georgia Line. Brian found himself constantly altering, cutting, and tweaking his stage clothes and had always dreamed what it would be like to make his own clothing. When his wife brought to his attention the idea of wanting to carry her dreams on of starting a brand, the two started to come up with names. Tribe Kelley had a ring to it and the couple knew it was the perfect name to unify their passion.

Mary Margaret Brown| Clothing & Graphic Designer

Mary Margaret has been a part of the tribe since beginning development stages. She met founder, Brittney Kelley, when they were attending the same college, Georgia Southern University, in 2009. When the two reconnected in 2015 in Nashville, Mary Margaret joined the Tribe Kelley team as graphic designer and they worked vigorously towards the official launch of Tribe Kelley. Since then, she has taken on an important role in the company in Brand Management. Mary Margaret also works closely alongside the Kelleys' helping them bring their visions to life through graphic design development.


Kylie Jarriel | Communications & Social Media

Kylie has been a part of the tribe since developmental stages. She modeled the first and second collection for Tribe Kelley and has been founder, Brittney Kelley's, friend for years. The two met at the University of Georgia where they were college roommates. Kylie and Brittney dreamed of designing and working with a clothing brand one day while Kylie studied Nursing. After graduation Kylie moved to Nashville and took on the role of Communications and co-operating Social Media with Brittney. Kylie also works closely alongside the Kelleys' helping them bring their visions to life through design development.



David Perry | Production Management 

David has been a part of the tribe since beginning development and production management in 2014. He met the Kelleys' through tribe member, Mary Margaret. David is the owner of the DSP Group out of Los Angeles, California and Two Son out of Nashville, Tennessee. He also serves as a Program Advisory Committee board member at the O'More College of Design and also as a board member of the Nashville Fashion Alliance. His role in Tribe Kelley involves bringing the Kelleys' vision to life through garment development and final production. He strives to keep Tribe Kelley clothing, "Always U.S. Made, proudly."



"Our sewers are based in Los Angles, California. Tribe Kelley is loyal to keeping as many sewing jobs in the states as possible. Sustainable and ethical practices are implemented in each step of design. We pride ourselves in the amount of detail and love poured into each piece you will receive." -Brittney Kelley