Our pieces are made of high quality fabrics, some custom knitted just for us and all made right here in the U.S.A. By making clothing here in California, we have control over the quality of our creations. Please follow the laundering techniques for the following garments when refreshing your pieces to preserve their delicacy. 

Mesh Tanks

Hand wash this piece on COLD and lay flat to dry. This is the best way to maintain its form.

Suede Pieces

We recommend washing the suede garments with like colors only to prevent bleeding onto the fabric. If the piece has a suede tag, then we recommend dry cleaning only!

Denim Materials

Enjoy watching the growth of these pieces. As you wear and launder, the raw edges will continue to fray and mold into your own individualized look. We recommend washing on cold and hanging to dry! Fluff on low heat as needed.

Custom Knits

These are some of our very own Tribe fabrications that you will not find anywhere else! Made from 100% cotton, this garment is light and breezy with lenient tendency. Wash on cold and hang to dry to maintain the best quality. Fluff on low heat as needed. 

Examples of 'custom knitted' garments: Yin/Yang Trouser, Sleeveless Hoodies, Cardis